187729, The Leningrad region,

Lodeynopolsky rayon,

Old Sloboda village, 61

Order banquet +7 (931) 353 62 27

Mobile +7 (921) 363 77 41

Administrator+7 (81364) 4 44 44

+7 (81364) 4 44 04


1. Partnership with tourist companies

Old Sloboda hotel and restaurant complex invites tourist companies and hotel booking agencies to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership. Find out more about the conditions for partnership in our standard hotel services agreement. 

We are ready to discuss various options for collaborative work

2. Collaboration with event agencies

In order to organize show programs and to conduct celebrations at the hotel and restaurant complex, we will consider proposals from event agencies, as well as from individual entertainers and event organizers. Please send your proposals to marketing@stsloboda.ru

3. Collaboration with transportation companies

We are ready to consider proposals to provide transportation services in the Lodeinopolsky rayon of the Leningrad region. Please send your proposal to marketing@stsloboda.ru. If interested, our managers will contact you as soon as possible.