187729, The Leningrad region,

Lodeynopolsky rayon,

Old Sloboda village, 61

Order banquet +7 (931) 353 62 27

Mobile +7 (921) 363 77 41

Administrator+7 (81364) 4 44 44

+7 (81364) 4 44 04

Hotel rules and regulations

Dear guests of Old Sloboda, for your convenience and safety we have developed a number of rules and regulations for staying on the premises of the hotel complex.

Booking a room at the hotel can be accomplished by reserving in advance via an on-line booking tool or by calling +7 (81364) 4 44 44. Also, if spare rooms are available, the hotel manager can be contacted directly.

Check-out time for tourists is 12 pm Moscow time.

Check-in time for tourists is 14 pm Moscow time

When checking into the hotel, one must present a passport or another valid identification document that replaces one, and fill out a registration form.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, labor veterans and disabled persons get priority service.

While staying at the hotel, we ask that you adhere to the fire safety rules, keep order and keep noise to a minimum, and take care when handling the equipment and property of the hotel.

               Fire safety rules  


Smoking inside hotel quarters is strictly prohibited. Smoking is only allowed in specially allotted spaces. You may find out their location from the hotel manager on duty.

Our hotel prohibits lodging with pets.

It is prohibited to play loud music or perform any other actions that might disturb other guests.

Parking is allowed only at the allotted parking lot with adhering to all of the parking rules.

If you have any questions on checking in or staying at the hotel, or in the case of any conflict, please contact the management of the hotel complex.