187729, The Leningrad region,

Lodeynopolsky rayon,

Old Sloboda village, 61

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Catering services

Dear guests! OldSloboda restaurantisreadytohosteventsofanylevelofcomplexity.  Our private halls of various occupancy levels allow not only for “quiet gatherings” among the closest of friends, but also for lavish wedding celebrations, and large-scale corporate banquets.  Our caring staff will assist you with preparations for your celebration or any other important event, provide suggestions on decorating the hall, if necessary, and advise on selecting the table setting appropriate for the type of the event.  Our highly skilled chef de cuisine is ready to discuss individual menus with our guests, as well as to recommend the number and assortment of dishes appropriate for the event and accordant with your preferences. The restaurant will also consider hosting a buffet.  Another convenient feature of allowing us to host your event is that you will not need to worry about getting home after your celebration. You can always stay in the Old Sloboda hotel complex.

Additional information on catering services may be obtained from our hotel manager at the following phone numbers: +7 (931) 962 52 44, +7 (81364) 4 44 44.

We work so that you may relax!