187729, The Leningrad region,

Lodeynopolsky rayon,

Old Sloboda village, 61

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Bath-house complex

We offer the aficionados of the real Russian banya to visit our bath-house complex which consists of three banyas with separate entrances, each accommodating up to 10 persons.

The banya is heated only with birch wood; birch, oak and juniper twigs are provided for massage.

Each bath-house section is equipped with a steam-room, a shower room, a bathroom unit, and a hydro-therapy area where you can immerse yourself in the oak plunge pool filled with icy water or dump on yourself a barrel of similarly icy artesian water after visiting the steam room. There is also a hall and a rest area.

The rest area is equipped with a TV set, a DVD with karaoke function, a refrigerator, a kettle and dishes.

You can always order food from the restaurant or rent board games.

You can utilize bath-house complex services daily from 09.00 am until 01.00 am.